Shell Game 2

Shell Game Mermaid Artwork for Beach Cottage

Shell Game 2

The mermaid has held a fascination for those who love the lake and seaside environment.

The mermaids have long been the stuff of legends.  The beautiful young women, often with the tail of a fish, snake, fish or seal, use their beauty to lure innocent seafarers into the deep where they perish.  But mermaids can also have magical healing powers.

This piece entitled Shell Game 2 is 12″ x 12″.  It depicts a playful game in which the mermaid plays with her human lovers.  One can only imagine how she seduces and enchants the unsuspecting sailor.

This piece will be exhibited at the Westland Gallery in London at the Square Foot Show. This spectacular show features hundreds of fine artworks by regional artists. The Grand Opening and Reception happens Wednesday, July 11 at 6:00 pm and runs until August 10.  Join us for an exciting evening!

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