The Wedding Quilt collage canvas


One of my favorite artists is Gustav Klimt, a painter well before his time. An Austrian artist, born in 1862,  died 1918. He was a member of the Vienna Secession movement, a new highly decorative aesthetic style -definitely not based on academic tradition.

One of his most famous works was called “The Kiss”.  In it, he uses metallic gold paint and many enigmatic shapes.

Drawing inspiration from his works, which often use geometric shapes, concentric circles, coils, vines, and grids, I have produced a work entitled “The Wedding Quilt”. Like the crazy quilts which employed the use of beloved family members’ garments, this piece uses images of clothing such as pants, dresses, and skirts. The loving couple has wrapped themselves in their beloved wedding quilt.

Similar to Gustav Klimt’s style, this piece features metallic gold paint and many of the shapes used by Klimt himself.  Look for this piece at Westland Gallery’s Square Foot Show.