Up Up and Away

Up Up and Away

Lots of excitement as Yoyoi Kusama’s installation art “Infinity Mirrors” exhibit comes to the Art Gallery of Ontario. Yoyoi is a Japanese avant garde artist, a contemporary of Andy Warhol who preceded the era of pop art.

Yoyoi is presently 89 years old. She has lived most of her life in an asylum in Japan where she travels every day to her studio across the street. Since a child, she has been fascinated by polka dots.  She works with her hallucinations through her art: her sculptures, her installations, and her paintings.

As a member of the Collage Collective, I have drawn inspiration from Yoyoi’s fascinating work. This piece, entitled “Up, Up and Away” 12” x 12”  is a playful piece. Like Yoyoi’s work, it uses a bright almost fluorescent palette and lively polka dots. To give it more vibrancy, it also is trimmed in metallic gold. Aimed at the young and young-at-heart!

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